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The Home Staging Show Podcast has been a passion project that has been supported purely through Staged4more's own pockets. I received no sponsorships nor income by providing free content to you. However, recording, pitching and chasing people down for interviews, interview sessions, editing, post processing are time-consuming and labor intensive, not to mention hosting MP3 files is a monthly expense.

If you find any value in the podcast, you can now sponsor it directly with a one-time donation using the donate button here.

I feel incredibly honored and thrilled to have a group of loyal listeners who appreciate what I've put out in the last year or so. I cannot say thank you enough for your support and generosity and for giving me the opportunity to contribute to the home staging and real estate industry in a powerful and meaningful way. I look forward to continue producing useful content to you. And special thanks to all of my past guests for your generous inputs and contributions.

Cheers, Cindy

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